Hungary National Day, 2022

In August, 2022, Bence Farkas was commissioned to compose orchestral music for the grand opening ceremony of the Hungarian National Day event series.

Premiere of a new dance performance “Máskép(p)”, directed by Imola Tőkés, music by Bence Farkas

Bartók Theatre, 2022
István Örkény Theatre, 2022

Premiere of a new performance, based on Robin Hanson’s theory, written and directed by Mihály Schwechtje, music by Bence Farkas

From 2021. Bence Farkas teaches at Liszt Academy of Music‘s composition department.

September, 2021

In addition to composing he also works as musical director / arranger for media productions and feature films. (Lajko – Gypsy in Space, Tall Tales, Cream, Captives, The Story of My Wife, The Grandson)

2020 – 2021 / Movies
2020 – 2021 / Theatre

He cooperated in creating numerous hungarian pop band’s “Symphonic Live” events.

2020 – 2021 / pop music
March, 2020

In 2020 Bence Farkas was invited to present a live scoring session in front of an audience in the program of BLEND 2020.

He completed his Master’s Degree in 2019 with excellent qualifications at Liszt Academy of Music. It is here that he was under the tutelage of Judit Varga and Hollywood film composer Adam Balazs, in the areas of contemporary music, applied composition, orchestration and film scoring.


In 2016 Mr. Farkas has been shortlisted for FMF Young Talent Award for one of his film scores, and has been selected to the top 10 out of 222 competitors at Oticons Faculty.

After ten years of studying piano at music school, Bence Farkas relocated to Budapest, where, for six years, he studied sound and electrical engineering, in parallel with music.

2008 – 2014
2000 – 2008

He commenced his piano pedagogy at the age of six, under the famous Kodály Method.

Bence Farkas was born in the town of Várpalota in Hungary, the third child of László Farkas (violinist) and Marianna Szász (music theory teacher).

18 May, 1993